You Said, We Did

Durham Women FC want every fan who attends our fixtures to have a memorable and enjoyable day.

So we take your feedback seriously, and will look to act upon anything we can to improve your match day experience.

Supporters who have attended fixtures can give feedback HERE.

And here’s some recent changes we’ve implemented after listening to your feedback:


You Said: There needs to be more bins around the ground.

What We’re Doing: Working with our partners at the Plastic Furniture Company, we have now doubled the amount of bins available at Maiden Castle. These will be in place for the first fixture of 2023.

You Said: It can be difficult to hear the sound system in some parts of the ground.

What We’re Doing: We have secured new cabling which will allow us to improve the reach of the sound system around the ground. We are waiting on one final component, which we hope will arrive for the first home game of 2023.

You Said: It’s difficult for children to see over the advertising boards, especially at busy games.

What We’re Doing: We have introduced a new ‘Little Legs’ Family Zone to improve the match day experience for our youngest fans. Find out more HERE.

You Said: Can we get more new merchandise?

What We’re Doing: New lines of merchandise have been introduced throughout the season – and we’re always looking to expand! Drop us an email on with any ideas you may have.


You Said: The queues for the turnstiles were sometimes too long and it took a while to enter the ground.

What We’re Doing: We will now open the turnstiles ninety minutes before kick-off, as opposed to an hour before. This will give fans more time to enter the ground and select a seat, should they so wish. For games where the expected attendance is higher than average, we will also look to open a second turnstile to speed up the entry process.

You Said: We want different pre-match music.

What We’re Doing: We’re letting you call the shots and are welcoming suggestions for pre-match music. Simply tweet us @DurhamWFC or email with any song suggestions!

You Said: The signage for the toilets could be improved.

What We’re Doing: We will endeavour to ensure the toilets are more clearly signposted, with staff also available to provide direction if required.

You Said: We’d like hot chocolate to be offered at the ground.

What We’re Doing: Fat Frank’s Street Food Truck is now offering Hot Chocolate, with it on sale from the home fixture with Charlton Athletic.