FEATURE: Sarah Robson On Her Stellar 2021 With Club & Country

Sarah Robson couldn’t really have asked for much more from 2021 when it came to football.

After playing a key role in our record-breaking finish in the FA Women’s Championship, the midfielder helped her country to a first major tournament – as Northern Ireland reached Euro 2022.

It’s a year that will take some topping, but 2022 already looks set to be another enjoyable one for Robson both at home and further afield.

But before we look to the future, we must look back to 2021 – on what the midfielder admits was a year that will live long in the monry.

“I was thinking about it last week, and it’s probably one of the best years in football that I’ve ever had,” she said.

“Mainly due to how successful we were at club and country, and when I was reflecting on the key moments of the year everything was just football.

“It was massive, and I just want to build on it this year.”

2021 was a far cry from some of the earlier, most testing, years of Robson’s career – which saw her battling a number of serious injuries as she looked to make her mark in England.

Those days are now firmly in the past, but serve as a good barometer of the progress made.

“Now that I’ve been at Durham, I never really think about the olden days,” admitted Robson.

“But I was speaking to someone last week and started thinking – the five years I was at Sunderland, I only played a handful of games because every single season I had a serious injury.

“To come through that and to know that was all for a reason, that’s been nice.”

So now to 2022.

With a promotion battle and a major international tournament to look forward to, there is plenty for Robson to be excited about.

But for now, she’s keen to not let her mind wander too far ahead – even if Euro 2022 does provide a welcome incentive in the coming weeks.

“Already, it’s nice to get going with something so massive to look forward to in the summer.

“But even before then, we’ve got the Austria and England games in April that could potentially get us close to a World Cup play-off.

“It’s great to have massive games to look forward to even before the Euros.

“You just take each game as it comes, and I can’t even start thinking about Northern Ireland until I’ve got the next five games here over with.

“You graft for the club games, and as soon as that’s over I can start thinking about Northern Ireland.”

2022 already looks set to be different for Robson off-the-field, with support from her national team allowing the midfielder to train more regularly in the coming months.

“The Irish FA, the last five or six years, have been so forthcoming and have really moved things on with women’s football,” said Robson.

“They do everything right for us and have looked after us.

“We always get what we need and want, and this is massive.

“We’ve got a new Head of Women’s Football in and they’ve been really forward-thinking. 

“Moving into the summer, they know we won’t be able to compete as part-time players so allowing us to get closer to full-time is going to be great.

“I’m really excited to see how much better we’re going to be.”

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