Top Tips For Aspiring Young Players

Throughout the season. we’ll be asking our players to offer their top tips for aspiring young players!

They’re a must-read for any player looking to make a career in the game…

Liz Ejupi’s Top Tips

  1. Get touches on the ball as much as you can. Find walls to play two touch with; something that bounces back to work on your first touch. Pick out a tree and say tour going to hit the tree. Keep repeating. Sleep with your football.
  2. Do kick-ups wherever you go. In your room, garden, up and down stairs. Work on that head-feet co-ordination early.
  3. Watch football. Watch your favourite players play. Watch YouTube videos of their highlights. Study them. Start to visualise yourself on the pitch!

Becky Salicki’s Top Tips

  1. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard!
  2. Work on your fundamentals – both feet, communication, leadership.
  3. Never give up! If you fall down 6 times get back up 7!

Beth Hepple’s Top Tips

  1. Make sure you enjoy it!
  2. Believe in yourself!
  3. Do more than the person next to you!

Ellie Christon’s Top Tips

  1. Be willing to do more than what is asked or expected of you. Work hard for your teammates!
  2. Work on your mindset just as much as your technical, tactical and physical ability. Being mentally resilient will make a huge difference to your game and career longevity.
  3. Always have fun and attack training games with a positive attitude. When things get tough, remember why you started!

Mollie Lambert’s Top Tips

  1. Be committed.
  2. Have self-confidence and never give up.
  3. Always want to be better and do the extra work.

Dee Bradley’s Top Tips

  1. Focus on controlling the things you can.
  2. Always finish your tea with a dessert.
  3. As my favourite human (Ellen DeGeneres) always says – ‘be kind to one another’.

Kathryn Hill’s Top Tips

  1. Watch as many games as you can – Premier League etc. You’ll learn to read the game better.
  2. Practice with boot feet.
  3. Have a laugh when you can. It doesn’t always need to be serious!

Megan Borthwick’s Top Tips

  1. Be confident – believe in yourself and your ability.
  2. Always be willing to learn.
  3. Enjoy it, you will play your best football when you are happy.

Lauren Briggs’ Top Tips

  1. Don’t let setbacks knock you.
  2. Be confident in your ability.
  3. Always remember to enjoy the journey.

Grace Ayre’s Top Tips

  1. Put 100% into every training session.
  2. Watch as much football as possible, it helps so much.
  3. Be versatile, playing different positions enhances your chances of getting into the team!

Emily Roberts’ Top Tips

  1. Ensure you can play with both feet.
  2. Although hard work is a key part, make sure to enjoy yourself.
  3. Practice good ball control.

Rio Hardy’s Top Tips

  1. Out-work everyone else.
  2. Have a good attitude.
  3. Watch football matches to learn from professionals.

Sarah Wilson’s Top Tips

  1. You might think you’re missing out when you’re at training and everyone else is doing other things, but I promise it will all pay off in the end!
  2. Make sure you not only work hard on the pitch, but work hard in college or school. Having a back-up plan is important.
  3. Just keep working hard in training and you will reap the rewards!

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