SALICKI: ‘An Honour And A Privilege’

Becky Salicki could make her 100th appearance for Durham Women when the Wildcats travel to Charlton Athletic this weekend.

The central defender, who joined the club in 2016, is set to become the sixth player in the club’s history to hit that landmark.

And the significance of that isn’t lost on Salicki.

“For me personally, it’s huge,” she said.

“I’ve had a lot of injuries and I’ll forever be grateful to the club for giving me this opportunity to play for one, but to carry on playing and to reach this milestone.

“It’s a really, really important moment for me – if I play!”

So what moments stand out for Salicki from her time at the club?

“Probably the Manchester United game when we won at home, that was a huge game.

“Also the Chelsea game, just to be able to say you’ve played against some of the high calibre of players that we did.

“But I’m just happy to play every single game and it’s always been an honour and a privilege to represent this badge and this club.”

Watch the full interview with Becky belowas she reflects on the draw at Everton and looks ahead to Charlton Athletic…

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