FANS: Missed our interactive quiz? Test your knowledge!

Did you miss our online quiz on April 8? We’ve uploaded the quiz below so you can have a go in your own time!

There are 60 marks available from the following five rounds:

Round 1 – Guess Who

Can you identify the FA WSL and FA WC players (and the clubs they play for) from these ten pictures?

[20 marks – one for each player, and one for the club they play for]

Round 2 – Top Scorers

Can you name the top scorers from every FA WSL season?

[10 marks]

Round 3 – Firsts and Lasts

10 trivia questions – can you get them all correct?

[10 marks]

Round 4 – Finish The Team

We’ve listed five memorable teams, but each have two players missing. Can you name the missing players?

[10 marks]

Round 5 – Pointless Trivia

Some more questions to test your knowledge, with ten marks on offer!

[10 marks]


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