SALICKI: “We have to keep trusting the process”

Becky Salicki believes patience proved key as Durham sealed a 3-1 win over Blackburn Rovers – having urged the Wildcats to keep trusting in the process.

Here’s what the defender had to say after the win in the North West…

Salicki on the win over Blackburn:

“It’s a good result in the end.

“I know we didn’t score until quite near the end, but we knew the goal was going to come. We played some good football, had worked hard in training and it’s some retribution for last week.”

Salicki on being patient in attack:

“We are going to come up against some teams where we struggle in breaking them down.

“But that’s the thing about being patient – we have to keep trusting in the process and fingers crossed we get the win.”

Salicki on her goal:

“I saw Meg running down the wing and, to be fair, her distribution is spot on.

“I thought if I could get there at the back post then it’s a tap in – but I’ll take it!”

Salicki on next weekend’s clash with Aston Villa:

“Villa are a quality side and are rightfully top of the league.

“We just need to work hard in training, focus on our game plan and then fingers crossed we’ll give them a good game.

“We know what we’re coming up against but we 100% believe we can get a result.”

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