HEPPLE: “Shows How Far The Team Have Come”

Beth Hepple believes Durham’s win over Manchester United serves to emphasise the progression made by the club.

The Wildcats became the first side to claim a league victory over the Red Devils thanks to a 3-1 win at New Ferens Park.

And Hepple, who has been at the club for over a decade, struggles to remember a better feeling.

Here’s her full thoughts on the game:

On whether it is the biggest result in the club’s history…

“Yeah, I would probably say so.

“I’ve been here since the start and I don’t think I’ve had a better feeling than that.

“Our performance today just shows how far the team has come and how far the club had come.

“Absolutely delighted with the win, I’m so happy.”

On preparing for the game…

“When we played them away we competed well and got a result, and we knew we could do that again.

“It’s different conditions at New Ferens Park and it’s difficult for them coming to that.

“But we knew, as a team, we could get at them today and we did that more than we have in the last couple of games against them.

“So that’s proved and it’s shown.

“Getting three goals against a professional outfit it’s amazing.

“We know how we want to play and we executed that today.”

On adapting the style to face the test…

“Normally, against different teams in our league, we can play different types of football.

“We know against United that we can’t, because we respect them and they’re a very good side.

“But we’re finding a way to win, it’s as simple as that.

“People can say they’re physical, they’re doing this and they’re doing that, but you find a way to win.

“Why wouldn’t you find a way to get a result?

“That’s what we did today.”

On a feisty encounter…

“I enjoy it, I love a battle and competitive tackles going in.

“Like I say, it’s competitive and both sides are doing it.

“It’s because you want to win so much, that’s all it is.

“It’s feisty, it’s good. I enjoy it.”

On firing home the penalty that handed Durham the lead…

“I was having a heart attack to be fair, I’m not going to play it down!

“I was just talking to Em [Roberts] about something completely random and that kept me calm.

“I’ve been working hard on my penalties, because I missed two on the trot, so I was really happy to put that one away when it counted.”

On a dramatic late third goal…

“It was amazing.

“An absolutely amazing goal from Zoe, she was so composed on the ball and has shown what she can do.

“It was an amazing feeling, I think everybody was over the moon.”

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